Why Echo Consulting?

Drive Your Teams and Projects Forward...

Projects can struggle for a number of reasons. Budgets, schedules, scope change, team attrition to name a few. Echo’s unique approach to Project Management focuses on identifying potential pitfalls, then practicing solutions to these problems before they escalate. Regardless of what stage you’re at within your project, Echo will inject method to the chaos by employing and educating your team with proven techniques and tools to course-correct your project towards a successful finish.

Our team has been there, we’ve seen it, we’ve experienced the pitfalls and we’re ready to help create long term controls so your team can navigate your unique challenges.

Project management is our mission. Helping your team build self-sufficiency is our passion.

Beyond helping you achieve your project goals our aim is to share our knowledge and to expand your teams skill-sets so you become less dependent. Our focus is to empower your team and to help you adopt project management best practices that suit your specific needs and by doing so, your organization will benefit long after your project has been completed successfully. What makes Echo's approach successful?

We believe: 

  1. Small to mid-sized companies deserve access to top-tier, experienced project management to break down the barriers to scaling their companies. 
  2. Too many technical projects fail. 
  3. Too many companies focus on picking the “right” or “best” software, but struggle with the communication, change management, and adoption strategies to truly maximize the value.