How We Do It 

Working collaboratively with teams, our experts will articulate your current challenges, identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, and help you navigate your way to a successful project completion.

By leveraging Echo’s experience and wide range of project management tools and techniques, our seasoned experts will empower your team to become increasingly self-sufficient and will help build your bridge between struggle and success.

If your team already has established tools and processes in place, we are happy to utilize your systems and provide suggestions and opportunities for improvements. If you do not have a process in place, we are happy to share our tools and approach and tailor it to your organizational culture and needs. 

Our focus is on providing project management solutions that "fit". We find the right FIT for People, Process, and Tools that respects your team’s culture, and the needs of your growing business for the best results.

At Echo Consulting, we know it is so much more than selecting the right tool. It is finding the right balance of people, process, and technology to:

  • Address your most critical challenges,
  • Lay a flexible foundation,
  • Ensure solid adoption.
  • With a long-term focus on continuous improvement.

Our goal is to help you grow more, struggle less, and get the maximum value for your investment. We believe in the power of project management to help teams scale, and we love to share our passion to support your team. 

We utilize a variety of techniques to gather and prioritize requirements and facilitate buy-in and spearhead adoption. 

  • Workshops – we are experts in collaborative workshop design focused on interactive activities to drive both individual contributions as well as cross-functional team building

  • Data-driven decision making – we believe in using quantitative analysis to identify areas of alignment and streamline decisions and stay focused on the highest priority

  • Modeling PM best practices – we cannot help ourselves; we believe in the power of project management and we are passionate about our client’s success

  • Champion development – we strive to build self-sufficiency by developing internal leaders and system subject matter experts to spearhead adoption efforts long after the project has reached its successful completion

At Echo Consulting, we know that projects are meant to be temporary, but we believe that success should not be. We focus on building self-sufficiency, not dependency.