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Team Member Highlight: Charlie Roy

After almost two months of working with Echo Consulting, I feel like I have won the lottery finding this team to grow with. I have spent the past 8 years working what most would consider an “alternate” career path, switching seasonally between managing Ski and Ride Schools at Bolton Valley, Stowe, and most recently, Cannon Mt., and managing my own carpentry business when there was no snow on the ground. Starting at Echo Consulting, working remotely, and spending most of my working day at a desk are major changes to my day-to-day work life. I had a lot of nerves around

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Team Member Highlight: Caroline Henne

Caroline is an experienced project manager with a background in research, data analysis, and writing. She loves to problem solve, organize, and deliver the highest quality outcomes for clients while keeping work-life productive and fun for her team. 

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Video: Smartsheet Current Month & Current Year Solution

Although Smartsheet has many valuable date filters, there is no filter to view the current month or current year.

 View our solution video to watch as we show you how to achieve this result!

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Explain to me The Why, The Where and The How?

When framing a project, I always ask, ‘Explain to me The Why, The Where and The How?’. Sounds goofy and gimmicky, but that's the point. Read more for my perspective.

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