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Defining Your Key Business Requirements for a Project Management System

You’ve decided you need to adopt a project management system for your organization, so what’s next? Defining key requirements is essential to any project's success and choosing a project management system is no different. We’ve encountered many organizations that are not able to fully adopt a system because it does not meet their unique business requirements. Choosing to implement a project management system can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. Defining your business requirements from the beginning can build the foundation for full adoption for your team. What current pain points would you like to solve? Understanding your teams’ current challenges

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Creating a Project Intake Process for Success

     Teams of all sizes know the pain of communication breakdowns between when a project or initiative is first introduced and when it is completed. Without a defined process, projects and initiatives are introduced through all different forms of communication whether that’s casually mentioning during a meeting, a phone call, chat in the hall, or sending an email, instant message, or text. This leads to communication breakdowns, lost initiatives, and often not completing the projects of the highest value but rather the projects requested by the “squeakiest wheel”. One of the easiest ways to overcome this is to

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