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Benefits of Using a Project Management System

As you are embarking down the path to select a task management software, it is really important to ask yourself: What are the main benefits I am hoping to gain from using task management system?


By asking yourself this question, you can be sure that you are keeping your top priorities in mind as you are exploring different options, reviewing feature capabilities and even testing out free versions. Each time you look at a new tool, you can review the key features that will meet the highest priority benefits you are looking for.


In this blog post, we are going to cover the top benefits we hear from our clients as they are adopting new task management software.

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Pros & Cons of Hiring a Temporary Project Manager

There are many reasons organizations choose to hire a contracted project manager versus using someone internally but what are the pros and cons to evaluate when deciding if hiring an external project manager is the best fit for your organization?

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What Are the 5 Phases of the Project Management Lifecycle?

In today's blog post, we're going to cover the 5 phases of a project management lifecycle, which would typically fall under the Waterfall/Traditional project management methodology. This methodology can be followed for both large and small projects. A project management methodology can be as simple or as complex as is needed for the particular project you are working on. We hope you can apply these phases in any capacity that is helpful to you within your organization.   The 5 phases of traditional project management are: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling and Closing. We will dive deeper into each one of these phases

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How Motherhood Made Us Better Project Managers

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. At Echo Consulting, we are proud to have so many Mothers on the team. You may be surprised by this but raising children & managing projects in many aspects aren’t that different – you start with hopes & ambitions and plan for how you want to nurture them to achieve that vision. Mothers are often considered the “project managers” of a household as cited in Science Daily “almost 9 in 10 women answered they felt solely responsible for organizing schedules of the family”. Mothers set and communicate expectations, keep the team on task and on schedule, as well as provide stability and guidance in uncertain situations. But how has our experience as Mothers contributed and helped certain project management skillsets grow?

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