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How to ask your manager “What is the Priority?” – (and get an answer!)

There are many more effective ways to proactively establish the priority of a task or project and position yourself, and your team, for success without using "what is the priority?" as a cop out. Invest the time to ask good questions and you are much more likely to get an answer that you can run with.  

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First Year at Echo Consulting in #s

First year at Echo Consulting in #s
* 11 New Clients
* 14 Projects
* 23 Events attended
* 42 Invoices sent
* 166 project team members led
* 1308 new connections

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How to Apply the Stop, Drop, and Roll Technique to avoid a Project Firestorm!

Managing change can be challenging, but choosing to learn from our mistakes, by:

1.      Stopping ourselves from rushing past them,

2.      Dropping down to identify the root cause, and

3.      Rolling changes out with effective communication,

Can help us avoid the dreaded project firestorm. 

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Pre-Mortem - A Proactive Risk Management Strategy

If a team is not comfortably bringing up risks early and often, and collaborating on mitigation strategies together, the project is much more likely to encounter issues that pose significant risk to project success, and require more substantial change orders.

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