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Radical transparency and flexibility with accountability.

At Echo Consulting, LLC we believe in radical transparency and flexibility with accountability. What is radical transparency and how do we practice it? 1. All team members are aware of all other team member’s salaries and profit share bonuses. 2. All team member’s goals are shared with the entire team. 3. When a team member is struggling with one of their goals or role expectations, it is shared on our CRAID log as a risk or issue so team members can help and offer support. 4. Company financials are shared with the entire team quarterly and any team member may request a cashflow update at any time. 5. All business development

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How to Apply the Stop, Drop, and Roll Technique to avoid a Project Firestorm!

Managing change can be challenging, but choosing to learn from our mistakes, by:

1.      Stopping ourselves from rushing past them,

2.      Dropping down to identify the root cause, and

3.      Rolling changes out with effective communication,

Can help us avoid the dreaded project firestorm. 

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