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Rather than Aiming to Minimize Failure - We Maximize Practice to Achieve Success.

   Too many IT projects fail. The reasons projects fail are well documented: lack of communication, lack of scope definition, lack of change management, lack of executive buy-in, lack of resources, and the list goes on.      There are dozens of project and product management methodologies, hundreds of project management systems, and countless tools, tactics, certifications etc….. and yet projects still fail regularly (~20% according to Gartner in 2019).      Traditional/Waterfall and Agile are still the most well-known project management methodologies, but there are many other flavors like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LEAN, SixSigma, PRINCE2, XP, DevOps and many (many) more.  All are similarly focused on successful delivery of a desirable outcome.  Despite their admirable

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How to Apply the Stop, Drop, and Roll Technique to avoid a Project Firestorm!

Managing change can be challenging, but choosing to learn from our mistakes, by:

1.      Stopping ourselves from rushing past them,

2.      Dropping down to identify the root cause, and

3.      Rolling changes out with effective communication,

Can help us avoid the dreaded project firestorm. 

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