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Team Member Highlight: Keefer Welsh

Get to know Echo's newest team member, Keefer Welsh, in his first blog post with Echo Consulting! 

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Lessons Learned

As I close out a recent project I have been working on, I was reminded of the value and importance of the lessons learned review. No matter the size or subject of the project effort, there are always things that went well and things that could have gone better and lessons learned. Retrospective on the project leads to a review of the complete picture that helps project managers and project teams learn from the experience. Taking these lessons learned and applying them to future work fosters continued growth and best practices adoption. Project Close-Out should include this important step held at

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A Founder's Perspective at 3 Years In

Echo Consulting, LLC is my 3rd child. It was a dream that I carried within me, then it popped out before I was quite “ready” and everyone admired how cute it was, but didn’t see all the hard work and self-doubt behind the scenes as I focused on keeping it alive. 

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