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5 Tips for Successful Implementation of a Project Management System

Adopting a project management system can be a big win for your team especially if it is implemented successfully. A project management system not only tracks incoming and ongoing projects but can improve visibility, resource management, productivity as well as clarify accountability. At Echo, we know choosing a project management tool isn’t the end – the tool must be properly implemented, and the process must be fully adopted to be effective and bring true change to the organization. Below we’ll share 5 of our top tips for a successful implementation of a project management system.   Define Business Requirements for Vendor Selection Defining

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Two Years as a Small Business Owner - Assumptions Wrong, Decision Right

Two years ago, when I made the leap to start “working for myself” I made a LOT of assumptions. Two years in, I can confidently say every single assumption I made was wrong – and yet my decision to start Echo Consulting was right. Assumption # 1: I thought I was going to “work for myself” Reality #1: As a small business owner I work for my clients and community much more intimately than I ever did as an employee. I am more connected, empathetic, and aware of the amazing ecosystem that supports me, and my need to give back and empower others

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Defining Your Key Business Requirements for a Project Management System

You’ve decided you need to adopt a project management system for your organization, so what’s next? Defining key requirements is essential to any project's success and choosing a project management system is no different. We’ve encountered many organizations that are not able to fully adopt a system because it does not meet their unique business requirements. Choosing to implement a project management system can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. Defining your business requirements from the beginning can build the foundation for full adoption for your team. What current pain points would you like to solve? Understanding your teams’ current challenges

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