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Look at the Glass Half Empty – a Pre-Mortem Exercise

Anyone who has worked with Echo Consulting knows we like to end each meeting with the question "are there any other risks or issues we have not discussed today and need to be added to our project log?". At Echo Consulting, we are passionate about risk management. We believe wholeheartedly that the best way to mitigate risks is to create a safe space for team members to bring forward risks ahead of time to discuss mitigation strategies. That’s one of the reasons we love the concepts of pre-mortems. It creates an environment for the team to share their personal lessons

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Team Member Highlight: Kelly Pratt

As I reflect back on my experiences as well as on what I hope to contribute to Echo Consulting, it all centers around that client relationship and how I use a consistent set of values each time I have the opportunity to work with and consult with clients.

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