About Echo Consulting

Built on years of experience, the heart of Echo Consulting is focused on four words -

Learn, Share, Grow, Care.

We are much more than Project Management gurus. We are trusted advisors, mentors, team builders, change managers, adoption cheerleaders, problem solvers, and ultimately we are the glue that keeps your project together and ensures success.

Led by Molly Yanus, Echo’s team of project managers offer a unique and powerful combination of technical project experience and know-how. ECHO will evaluate your project management needs quickly, pair you with the best-suited partner(s) and provide an analytical approach to help align your project with a set of strategic goals that will guide you to the finish line for an on-budget, on-time delivery.

At Echo Consulting, we are different!

By leveraging ECHO’s experience and wide range of project management tools and techniques, our seasoned experts will empower your team to become increasingly self-sufficient and will help build your bridge between struggle and success. 

Echo employs a broad vision towards project management. Think of a lantern vs a laser. Through an understanding that all projects have macro and micro implications, the Echo's approach is user-centric and largely focused on incremental change throughout your entire organization. 

Join us and get excited about the power of Project Management!

Regardless of what stage you’re at within your project, Echo will inject method to the chaos by employing and educating your team with proven techniques and tools to course-correct your project towards a successful finish.

Our team has been there, we’ve seen it, we’ve experienced the pitfalls and we’re ready to help create long term controls so your team can navigate your unique challenges. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that a tool or another resource will be a fix-all! Reach out to Echo Consulting and find out how we can partner with you for exceptional, measurable results.